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A monster is a moving object that Chip must avoid at all times. There are nine types introduced in Chip's Challenge 1, all with different properties:

Five additional monsters were introduced in Chip's Challenge 2:

The floor mimic moves at 1.25 m/s, the blob, (red) teeth, and blue teeth move at 2.5 m/s, and all others at 5 m/s, when not currently sliding. In MS, all sliding monsters move at 10 m/s ignoring slide delay and they cannot perform any voluntary moves. In Lynx they only double in speed, such that the blob moves at only 5 m/s. Teeth, however, still move at 10 m/s while since they move at 5 m/s for one turn and then pause on the next turn.

Monsters and Chip[edit]

Whenever any living Chip, defined as the moving Chip, any other Chip tile, or a Swimming Chip, and a monster collide, Chip dies and the level must be restarted. However, given the right circumstances, monsters can be used to Chip's advantage as well, such as in releasing traps or destroying bombs.

Should Chip be killed by a monster, the Death message states: Ooops! Look out for creatures! Casual CC players are known to regard this as a catchphrase.

Mechanics in MS[edit]

In ChipEdit, monsters can be programmed to be non-moving, which function like any other monster, simply without moving. The only difference is that they are not in the monster list. In other level editors, access the monster list and remove the monster from the list.

The monster list automatically tops out at 127 monsters; if more than 127 are created in a level editor, further monsters will not be added to the list, but the list can expand during gameplay after the level starts.

Mechanics in Lynx[edit]

Monsters behave slightly differently in Lynx. Specific tiles react to monsters differently, and the monster list does not exist in the same form. Frequently, monster collisions and timing will be different between the two rulesets, which is the reason for the bust in Invincible Champion.

When a walker or blob randomly selects a direction that is illegal, it takes up one tick (1/4 move) in Lynx because the legality of the move is not considered before it is selected. This has no effect on the other seven monsters since their movements are always the same in the same surroundings, while the walker and blob move randomly.