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Scoundrel is the 60th level in Chip's Challenge 1. Rather than mess with the froufrou, just walk to the bottom of the level, step on the random force floor, and continue to do so until it takes Chip south, allowing boosting overrides and complete the level in as little as 6 seconds.

Interestingly, the time limit of this level is exactly 6 seconds shy of a round 300, which could be taken as a hint toward this level's 6-second "bust" solution. However, this is most likely a coincidence, as the route is not possible in the original Lynx release where force floors cannot be overridden backwards. The "bust" route was almost certainly unintentional.

For the 233 No boost route, see the second solution. This route will take Chip through all the blue walls to collect several keys which move through several stages, and then down to the southeast and to the southwest for the remaining chips. The flippers are extra, while other items are unreachable or trap Chip inside blue walls, such as the two chips behind a recessed wall.

The 288.0 route given is not the absolute quickest route possible; a 288.6 route would involve Chip stepping D onto the top random force floor, then moving >L DR into the exit. As this is noticeably more difficult without adding any seconds, it is not deemed notable to record in an AVI. This can, however, be watched at the Public TWS.

The completion of this level reveals the next Decade message: Chip hits the ice and decides to chill out. Then he runs into a fake wall and turns the maze into a thrash-a-thon! (This hints at the upcoming Rink, which is a maze of ice and blue walls.)


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