Chip's Challenge 2 Level Pack 1 (CC2LP1)

This package was last updated on 2020-10-10.

How to install and play

Place the uncompressed CC2LP1 directory into the data\games directory of the Chip's Challenge 2 installation. The default installation location for Steam games is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common, or you can right click Chip's Challenge 2 in your Steam library, select "Manage", then "Browse local files" to see your installation location. Then, open Chip's Challenge 2, select the "Level Set" menu option, and select "CC2LP1".

List of levels

The full list of levels can be viewed on this page. You should only view this page if you've played all the levels or are comfortable with spoilers.

Community links

If you get stuck on a level, don't hestitate to visit CC Zone to ask or search for a question. If you want the full solution to a level, you can use the Chip's Challenge 2 level editor. Open the level file and view a replay through Level > Replay.

More information on the levels may be available on the Chip's Challenge Wiki.

If you want to submit your best times and scores for levels, post them on CC Zone and they will be added to the scoreboards.

Lastly, for more general information, visit the Bit Busters Club website. For general discussion, join the Chip's Challenge Bit Busters Club Discord server!


CC2LP1 was developed by:

The Architect chipster1059 H2O (H.)
random 8 Ruben Spaans Tyler Sontag

The levels were designed and submitted by:

263739 A Sickly Silver Moon Alan Redgown Andrew Menzies Chiara Watson
chipster1059 Dave Varberg David "pieguy" Stolp Donnie B. (Drillman) Eric Schmidt
FelixNemis Gavin Duncan H2O (H.) Henry Potts Indyindeed
Janaszar J.B. Lewis Jeffrey Bardon Jessica Perez Josh Lee
Joshua Bone Kacper Leszczynski Kyle Wightman Miika Toukola mobius
Motekopasznyaku Mueller MyDisplayName ncrecc Psyclone
random 8 Remi Spaans Ruben Spaans Samantha Bardon Sharpeye468
Tyler Sontag Zane Kuecks

And special thanks to:

Chuck Sommerville
David "pieguy" Stolp
J.B. Lewis
Josh Lee
Zane Kuecks
And everyone who voted on the levels!

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic License.

® Chip's Challenge is a registered trademark of Glynlyon, Inc.