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23-Sep-2022: Voting is currently open for CCLP5 - the next community level pack! This is your chance to review all the levels submitted for consideration and to have your say on which levels make it into the final pack. [Read full announcement]

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Chip's Challenge was originally released for the Atari Lynx in 1989, but became most popular when it was bundled with the Microsoft Entertainment Pack for Windows in 1992. Today the Microsoft edition of Chip's Challenge (MSCC), including its level set, remains proprietary software and cannot be freely distributed.

Fortunately, there are several legal avenues for fans to continue to enjoy the game. Chip's Challenge 1 was republished on Steam with a new engine in 2015 along with the release of its official sequel, Chip's Challenge 2. This is the easiest way to play the game on a modern computer. For those interested in a free, open-source solution, Tile World 2 (TW2) is a reimplementation of Chip's Challenge 1 and is fully compatible with any level sets designed for MSCC.

Although TW2 cannot legally come with the game's original level set, sound effects and graphics, it is fully compatible with the MSCC game files if you rightfully own them from the 1990s. In addition, this wiki article gives an overview of running the MSCC program on a modern computer if you have access to the original executable.

Community Level Packs

Copyright issues surrounding the game's original 149 levels generated significant community interest in creating custom levels. Since 2002, several community level packs have been assembled and made freely available. These packs are alternate, royalty-free level packs containing player-submitted levels selected through a community vote.

Download Custom Chip's Challenge Levels

CC1 levels and CC2 levels on CC Zone

Members can upload level sets here. Anyone can download sets, even without an account.

pieguy's site

Download CC1 level sets, or can become a member and upload your own level set. Each level set is given its own automatic scoreboard.

Yahoo! group archive

Many older level sets available for download. Rehosted on BitBusters.club in 2019 due to the permanent closure of Yahoo! groups.

Discussion Groups, Tips and Solutions, and More

CC Zone

The official online discussion board for Chip's Challenge.

Chip's Challenge Bit Busters Club

Facebook discussion group. You need a Facebook account to view and post.

Chip's Plus Site [archive]
by Alice Voith

Has excellent maps and tips for CC1 levels.

Public TWS
by David Stolp (pieguy)

Solutions for most official CC levels that can be replayed in Tile World.

CC solutions from StrategyWiki

Text walkthroughs for CC1 and CCLP2 levels.

Other Information and Resources

Information on Lynx mode
by Madhav Shanbhag

Originally created as a guide for CCLP3 level design; a great resource for the differences between the MS and Lynx rulesets.

Differences between Lynx and MS modes
by Brian Raiter

Most of this information is now included in Madhav's Lynx guide, but also a great resource.

Differences between Lynx and CC1/CC2 Steam gameplay
by Brian Raiter

Check out this thread at CC Zone for more information.

Information on Chip's Challenge 2
by Niffler Ltd.

Includes an interview from the creator of CC and CC2 himself, Chuck Sommerville.

Andrew E.'s Chip's Challenge Page
by Andrew E.

Has their level sets, links, a list of alternate graphics, and their program cclpinfo.

Chip's Challenge Corridor
by Anders Kaseorg

Includes a FAQ with questions and answers submitted by CC fans and a solution AVI archive.

by Chris Elsby

Links, CC and CC2 info, some patches he made for Tile World, and some information about the various versions of Tile World.

Level Editors

Chip's Challenge Creator
by The Architect

The latest level editor, with support for CC1 and CC2 level creation. Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

by Michael H.

Comes with a level editor, level set manager, and an advanced CHIPS.EXE customizer. Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

ChipEdit [archive]
by John Elion

Lightweight and the first level editor released.

Chip's Workshop
by Chris Elsby

Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Tools Made for Chip's Challenge

by Markus O. & A Sickly Silver Moon

A TASing emulator for advanced solution discovery, optimization, playback and more. Additional information available at CC Zone

by Dale Bryan

Tool that makes separate .exe files for all the level sets you make or download so scores from each set won't interfere with each other.

Chip's Controls
by Mike L

Play many level sets with just one EXE file and one INI file. Contains other tools such as a DAC file generator for Tile World, an INI file editor, and a CCX file editor for Tile World 2.

by Chuck Sommerville

Converts CC level sets to CC2 format.

by Andrew E and Madhav Shanbhag

Outputs level specs for all the levels of the specified CC1 level set. ChipHome5 made a batch file that does not require the command prompt available here (rehosted from Yahoo! groups).

by Madhav Shanbhag

Compares two versions of a level set. Rehosted from Yahoo! groups.

by Ruben Spaans

MSCC mod that gives a time limit to untimed levels for competitive purposes.

by Ruben Spaans

Make maps of CC levels. Check out CirothUngol's MapMaker Automated Assistant for creating maps for every level of every set you have automatically.

by Anders Kaseorg

Record animated solutions (AVIs) of Chip's Challenge levels.

by ccexplore

CC patch that fixes the Transparency Glitch.

by ccexplore

CC patch that gives you the full first second every time you play a level.

by David Stolp (pieguy)

CC patch that adds a new tile, the ice block, to the game.

by Andrew E

Converts Tile World TWS solutions to a more readable format. Source code and instructions can be found here.

Chip's Challenge Clones

Tile World
by Brian Raiter

An emulation of the MS and Lynx version of Chip's Challenges. Compatible with Windows (binary), Mac, and Linux (source code).

Tile World for Mac
by Thomas Harte

Tile World binary that works on Mac.

Tile World 2
by Madhav Shanbhag and Eric Schmidt

Update to Tile World with more features and an improved user interface.

Lexy's Labyrinth
by eevee

An open-source JavaScript implementation of Chip's Challenge 1 and some Chip's Challenge 2 elements. Bundled with the CCLPs and a level editor.

by PsuFan

Online Chip's Challenge clone, missing tiles from the original game but adds some new tiles. There is also an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch version of this clone.

CC for GameBoy Advance emulators
by Alekmaul

Port of CC for GameBoy Advance emulators, translated to French.

Pocket Chip's Challenge [archive]
by Iceboxman Technologies

Clone of Chip's Challenge for the PocketPC.

Chip's Challenge for TI-83+
by Brendan Fletcher

Port of CC for the TI-83+ graphing calculator.

Chip's Challenge for TI-Nspire
by apcalc

A port of CC for the TI-Nspire graphing calculator.

by Frode van der Meeren

Port of Chip's Challenge for the TI-83/84 graphing calculator, although it doesn't include all of the tiles found in the original CC. Rehosted from Yahoo! groups.

Online TileGame [archive]
by Frode van der Meeren

Online version of the previous TileGame clone.

JavaScript Chip's Challenge
by Norman DeForest and Madhav Shanbhag
Tile World for GP2X
by Dan Silsby

Port of Tile World for the GP2X handheld gaming system. This link contains the source code; the official site for this port is no longer available.

Chip's Challenge for Dingoo
by Harteex

Port of Chip's Challenge for a handheld device called the Dingoo.

Other Games Similar to Chip's Challenge

Chuck's Challenge
by Niffler Ltd.

Spiritual successor to Chip's Challenge from the original creator, Chuck Sommerville. Versions exist for the iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and Linux.

by Tom Murphy VII
Ray's Challenge
by Conner Hawke
by Midnight Synergy
Maze Runner [archive]
by Scott "Catatonic Porpoise" Feeney
by Sleepless Software
Wizard Tower
by Lode Vandevenne