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Created by Jeanne Hoffman
6 levels
Last updated August 28, 2006

Additional Notes

Copyright (C) 2006 - jeanne hoffman. Permission to use, copy,modify, and distribute this file, with or without modification, is hereby granted, provided that this copyright and permission notice is included. It is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, not even an implied one.


Download JeanneH1.ccl from Yahoo group archive


Below is a list of levels in this set. Only levels marked with a gravel background will be included in the voting for CCLP3.
For an explanation of the eligibility criteria and the meanings of the Compatible, Busted and Notes fields, click here.

# Title Compatible? Busted? Notes
1. PAC MAN yes - -
2. Monkey Island yes - -
3. Front Nine yes - has some randomness
4. Which Way - - -
5. Abandon Ship - - -
6. Fflashlight - - -
7. unsolvable level - - -