Eligibility Criteria

For a level to be eligible for any CCLP, it must:-

For CCLP3, a level must also:-

If a level meets all of the above criteria, then it will be included in the CCLP3 voting, and is marked with a gravel background in the level list.

If a level meets the general CCLP criteria and can be solved in both the Lynx and MS rulesets, but is still ineligible, then this is due to one or more of the following reasons:-


Over 6000 levels were submitted for CCLP3, of which over 2000 meet the eligibility criteria above and will be included in the voting. It is unlikely that every voter will be able to play all these levels before voting is completed. So in an attempt to help voters identify those levels that they may like or dislike, the CCLP3 staff has added these notes to some levels:-

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