Chip's Challenge - Lynx Mode

Differences in Rules

Major compatibility breakers

This section describes the most important differences, that often have a major impact on a level - since they involve some of the most basic interactions between moving creatures and fixed objects.

  • In Lynx, monsters other than fireballs do not enter fire, and so cannot be killed by it. All these monsters treat fire as a barrier. In MS, only bugs and walkers do so. This usually makes a level more difficult or impossible in Lynx. In particular, note that gliders can only be destroyed by bombs.
  • In Lynx, monsters and blocks will destroy (erase) a blue key when they pass over it. Chip must be able to collect any blue key that he needs before a monster or block gets to it.

  • Yellow keys, green keys and hint tiles cannot be crossed by monsters or blocks in Lynx. This makes hint tiles "safe spots" for Chip, like gravel.
  • In Lynx, shoes and exit tiles cannot be crossed by monsters or blocks. In MS, monsters are stopped, but blocks can cross these tiles.
  • In MS, monsters cannot enter random force floors, only blocks can. In Lynx, even monsters can enter random force floors.

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