Chip's Challenge - Lynx Mode

Differences in Rules

Further reading

  • The most authoritative reference available on this subject is the ruleset comparison document by Brian Raiter - the creator of Tile World. It focuses on what the author considers to be the most important differences. Almost all of them (and more) have been described in the preceding sections, except for the detailed explanations of the timing and mechanics of movement (both general and involuntary) and the differences in the original levelset.
  • The Chip's Challenge Wiki provides detailed information about each tile, and has a couple of specific resources of interest:-
    • The Ruleset topic has a list of differences between MS and Lynx. (However, some of the information here is incorrect as of this writing.)
    • The Glitch topic and Glitches category list several glitches that occur in Microsoft Chip's Challenge. Many of them relate to the MS ruleset - as implemented in MSCC and usually also emulated by Tile World. But some are MSCC program-specific crashes or "data resetting" behaviours that do not apply to Tile World.
  • There are some known bugs in Tile World's emulation of the rules. Tile World's Lynx emulation also intentionally differs from some of the limitations of the original Atari Lynx implementation (now known as "pedantic Lynx mode").

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