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Those who have played Chip's Challenge know that the game seems to end before Level 149. By paying careful attention to the design of Level 34, Cypher, three passwords are revealed that unlock the last levels of the original Chip's Challenge level set, and also let a player get past two challenging levels.

CCLP2 also included a Level 34, Cypher II, that provided a key password for that set.

The Staff invited submissions from those who wished to design a Cypher level for CCLP3.
The wonderful levels that they received have been compiled into a single set, which you can download here.

The Staff has verified that each of these levels is Lynx-compatible, and contains three distinct four-letter alphabetic passwords that are not normal words. And what's more is that these passwords have been encoded in a creative manner.

Just to make this cryptic contest even more fun, the names of the designers were not revealed to the community until after voting ended.
You can find clues to their identities below.

Cypher level(s) were voted for in a special election. (They did not appear in the normal voting.)

The best Cypher level will be inserted into CCLP3 at an appropriate level number, and the three passwords it contains will be assigned to three subsequent levels chosen by the Staff.

Who knows. The level might be #34, and it might be called Cypher III. On the other hand, the Staff may decide that another title would be better and the level might better fit at a slightly different level number.

Happy cyphersigning, or designphering, or whatever.

Password Verification

Think you've found a password concealed in a Cypher level? Let's see if you got it right!
Select a level, enter a password and click "Check".

Level: Password:



So, just who are those incognito beings which created the levels that form CCLP3_Cyphers.dat?
The following clues should lead you to them.

  1. Two designers have first names that are among the shortest in the community. Both names begin with the same letter of the alphabet. One of them is better known by an alias though.
  2. Two authors have each created at least one levelset whose filename simultaneously contains both "dat" and "ccl".
  3. One of the submitters does not frequent the newsgroup, and so will not be known to most people. He shares his first name with a very well-known saint, and also with a Dickensian character.
  4. Many people have a number at the end of their levelset's name, but not in their real name. Though this may sound silly, in the case of one cypher creator, it's actually the opposite.
  5. None of these individuals had any levels in CCLP2.
  6. And finally, two levels were created by the same entity.

Scroll down for the answers...

# Title Creator
1. Ida's Cypher Ida Roberthson
2. Keep On Cyphering Peter Marks
3. SyllyCypher Patrick Knowles II
4. Cypher III Tyler Sontag
5. Cypher Ian Cairns (PB_Guy)
6. Boots Were Made For Bridges Nicholas Rupprecht
7. Animated Cypher The CCLP3 Staff
8. Writing On The Wall
[unsolvable last level]
The CCLP3 Staff

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