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Created by pb_guy
10 levels
Last updated February 24, 2009

Additional Notes

Also can be downloaded at the Yahoo group. This zip file contains 3 versions of pbguyT1 - the MS version, a Lynx-compatible version, and a version specifically for playing in Tile World Lynx mode.

View the scoreboard for this set at pie guy's site.


Download pbguyT1.dat from pie guy's site
Download pbguyT1.dat from Yahoo group archive


Below is a list of levels in this set. Only levels marked with a gravel background will be included in the voting for CCLP3.
For an explanation of the eligibility criteria and the meanings of the Compatible, Busted and Notes fields, click here.

# Title Compatible? Busted? Notes
1. Better brush off those teeth yes - -
2. 9 Rooms - easy! yes - has some randomness
3. Just enough shoes? yes - -
4. The Incredible Journey yes - has some randomness
5. Lets finish Chip off yes - -
6. Obstacles, of course! yes - -
7. Eleven, or Thirteen? yes - -
8. Slippery Slope yes - -
9. That went well. yes - -
10. Pirates! yes - -