Problem Levels

All levels submitted for CCLP3 were reviewed before the start of voting, and only those that appeared to meet the eligibility criteria were included in the voting. After voting began, the community and staff members discovered that a few levels had some problems which had been overlooked earlier. Those levels are listed here.

Please report any other problems that you find to the newsgroup. Any errors in the information below should also be brought to the notice of the staff.

Page last updated: 2010-08-15

Fixable Levels

The table below lists the levels that were found to have a problem that could be fixed. In some cases, the problem has already been fixed, and voters should download the latest version of that set. Other levels have not yet been fixed, and their designers are requested to do so at the earliest. Till then, voters should vote on the level as if the problem did not exist.

Designers must announce any fixes they make to their levels at the newsgroup. No changes other than fixes are allowed, and the fix must not significantly alter the primary intended solution of the level.

Levels with a 'mud' background have major issues such as being unsolvable, significantly unequal and/or clearly busted. Levels with a 'gravel' background have minor inequalities, rare busts or acceptable alternate solutions. After the completion of voting, if any of these levels have been voted into CCLP3, but have not yet been fixed, the ones with major issues will stand to be removed from consideration.

Some issues that have been reported, but not yet confirmed, are listed below with question marks. If you can confirm whether a particular issue does or does not exist (especially if you're the designer of that level), please inform the staff.

Show levels that have been eliminated from CCLP3 voting

Set # Title Problem
11levels 12. WHIRLWIND unequal: gliders on random FFs
AliceV1 2. BILLIARDS unequal (minor): hint tiles allow more ways to solve corner pockets in Lynx
FIXED [June 21] busted (partial): can stop fireball cloning by hitting toggle button twice
AliceV1 6. OLLY OLLY OXEN unequal (minor): slightly more difficult in Lynx due to the way the bugs collide, teeth+fire and fireball splashes
AndrewG1 9. Bombay unequal: paramecia don't die in fire in Lynx, get into pink ball room
AndrewG1 108. Camouflaged unequal: blobs slower in Lynx; requires luck in MS (blobs cloned W/E onto partition)
AndrewG1 114. Getting Warmed Up unequal: timing very difficult in Lynx
AndyT1 9. Time Capsul unequal+busted (partial): can slap block onto clone button in Lynx; unequal (minor): gliders + fire
CCTLFC1-lynx 13. DODGEBALL unequal: tanks don't remain stopped in Lynx
CCTLFC1-lynx 58. WAR unequal (minor): Chip moving involuntarily off traps in Lynx makes it not as easy to get chips
CCTLFC1-lynx 73. ICE OF ONE WAY unsolvable
CCTLFC2-lynx 64. NOT SO INTENSE uneqal (minor): tank + yellow key
CCTLFC2-lynx 75. CHIP'S EX-GIRL FRIENDS unequal+busted: can just wait on hint tile in Lynx
CCTLFC2-lynx 82. TANKS TANKS TANKS unequal: easier in MS since many tanks remain stopped
CCTLFC3-lynx 16. FLAME THROWER busted: no chip socket
CCTLFC3-lynx 65. CHEAP SHOTS AND DIRTY TRICKS FIXED [July 3] unequal+busted: can immediately boost back through teleports into exit in MS
CCTLFC3-lynx 79. SHATTERED FIXED [June 21] busted: can collect skates and red key, and then green key and exit
CharlesH1 8. Tutorial 7: Sokoban unequal (minor): hint tile
CharlesH1 124. Follow the Leader unequal+busted (potentially): glider won't die in fire in Lynx, can use teeth as shield against balls
CheeseT1 3. GET THE CHIPS CHIPS unequal: tank button timing difficult in Lynx
CheeseT1 20. CAVES unequal: can ram block on FF in MS
CheeseT1 48. THE BUGS & THE BEES unequal (minor): hint tile
CheeseT1 54. CHIPS ON THE RAMPAGE busted(+unequal?): can outrun tanks at the end without trapping teeth hitting blue button (only in MS?)
CheeseT1 60. DIGITAL NUMBERS unequal+busted: bugs may fail to clone in MS depending on the paramecium
d-bomb 39. HERCULES unequal (minor): glider/fireball + yellow/green key
d-bomb 147. FORCED MARCH busted?: no need for fire boots, keys and toggle - what was intended?
DaveB1 63. Keyholes unequal: monsters can enter random FFs in Lynx, blue key might get erased
DavidK3 3. A Little Diversion unequal (minor): might get stuck on teleport in Lynx
DavidK3 17. Who's Left? unequal: gliders + fire is a recoverable mistake in Lynx; unequal (minor): involuntary movement on trap in Lynx
DavidK3 22. You're the BOMB! incompatible: unsolvable in Lynx (unless using odd-step mode)
DavidK3 31. Dull Dark Dock busted: chips aren't required
DavidP2 5. TOLERANCE busted...
DavidP2 16. OPTIMIZATION busted: can just clear dirt and let glider out
DavidP2 25. 25 HITS unequal: teeth + fire
DavidS1 12. Football unequal+busted: no need for force boots in MS
DavidS1 13. Hive unequal: bugs enter random FFs in Lynx
DavidS1 17. Christmas tree unequal+busted: movable clone blocks in Lynx
DavidS1 18. A Bridge Too Far unequal: movable clone blocks in Lynx
EricS1-cclp3 1. IMPOSSIBLE FIXED [May 26] unequal (minor): bugs + random FFs
FIXED [May 18] busted: suction boot allows solving level without picking up chips
EricS1-cclp3 19. CHAOS II FIXED [May 18] busted: no socket
EricS1-cclp3 27. THE INCREDIBLE MACHINE AND MORE! FIXED [May 18] incompatible: unsolvable in Lynx: can't boost past tank
firefly-feb08 4. Pulling the Rug unequal: cloning stops in Lynx; busted?: blocks/water not required
firefly-feb08 7. Mission Impossible unequal: keys, fire
firefly-feb08 37. Tidy Your Room unequal (minor): blue key might get erased in Lynx
geomscc 25. Limit unequal+busted: fake exits
Graue1_LYNX 4. SWAY alternate solution
Graue1_LYNX 36. CHIPLINE unequal: Chip can get stuck on teleporters in Lynx
Highwatermark1 68. 12-number Casino Roulette unequal+busted: predictable in Lynx
Highwatermark1 69. 12-number Casino Roulette unequal+busted: predictable in Lynx
hillbilly1 11. Star gate busted: yellow key and clone machines not required; can get green key without hitting toggle button; block right of teleport not required - what was intended?
hillbilly1 25. Spiroid busted?: can avoid main part of labyrinth, just need to go around outer ring and use teleports
Ida3 41. Running for the Toggle Switch FIXED [May 18] unequal+busted/alternate solution: can directly get blue key in MS
Jacques 233. Frogo's Challenge unequal+busted: hint tile safe spot in Lynx
Jacques 325. Crossway II unequal: monsters enter random FFs in Lynx
Jacques 328. Cellblocked II unequal: fake exit
Jacques 438. Mini Frogo unequal: can dispose of frogs in fire in MS
Jacques 720. Vewy stupid yevey unequal: in MS, Chip can just wait in the water
Jacques 785. Adventures of Freddy 15 unequal+busted: hint tile blocks walkers in Lynx
Jacques 793. Adventures of Freddy 23 unequal: hint tile blocks bugs in Lynx
Jacques 857. Let's Beat It unequal+busted: fake exits
Jacques 865. Surrender! unequal+busted: hint tile blocks fireballs in Lynx
Jacques 870. Survival of the Chipster unequal: hint tile blocks gliders in Lynx
Jacques 883. Chipracing II busted: can directly go to exit; unsolvable: not enough chips
JacquesS2 32. Chip Hippo unequal+busted: fake exits; unequal: no need to hit tank button in MS
JacquesS2 63. Nathaniel's Spiral II unequal+busted: fake exits
JacquesS2 67. Speedy Little Block Level unequal: requires more time in Lynx due to splashes/explosions/no boosting
JacquesS2 71. Tortoisechamber unequal: can get rid of teeth in water before getting flippers by block slapping in Lynx
JacquesS2 74. Learn busted?: no need for boots near teleports - what was intended?
JacquesS2 76. Bounce unequal: teeth don't always clone in MS
JacquesS2 95. Cra-zy unequal: monsters+fire/random FFs; MS clone bosses
JacquesS2 120. Ordontopopulation unequal: keys...
JacquesS2 123. Blern! unequal+busted: fake exits; busted (partial): can get 3 chips using flippers instead of blocks
JacquesS2 125. Beat The Fire unequal: boosting in MS
JeanneH1 2. Monkey Island busted?: blue and yellow doors near exit need not be opened
JimmyV1 11. LESSON 11: PARAMECIA (MONSTER 3) unequal: paramecia + fire
JimmyV1 14. LESSON 14: TEETH (MONSTER 6) unequal: teeth + fire
JimmyV1 28. CAVE MAZE busted? (minor): possible to get some items without others as prerequisites
JL1 16. MANAGING DIRECTIONS FIXED [July 11] busted (partial, minor): not necessary to destroy bomb at (24, 11)
JL1 28. OVER AND UNDER FIXED [July 11] busted: teeth can make more than two trips through the button room
JL1 53. DELIVERANCE FIXED [July 11] unequal: lowermost tanks may get desynced and make the corridor impassable in Lynx
JL1 55. BLOCKHEAD busted+unequal: room for 5 more blocks in MS, 2 more in Lynx
JL1 74. AIR POCKET FIXED [July 11] unequal: can't trap teeth in lower half due to hint tile in Lynx
JL1 75. A CLONING LEVEL FIXED [July 11] busted (partial): can destroy bomb at (21, 21) without using two red keys
JL1 99. MR. MCCALLAHAN PRESENTS FIXED [July 11] busted (partial): toggle room
JoshB_LYNX 3. TUMBLERS busted+unequal: top section busted in MS, bottom section busted in both
JoshL 2. FACTORY incompatible/unequal: glider+fire; pink ball/bug collisions
JoshL 76. QUICKSTER II unequal (minor): can collect some keys after ball release in MS
KeyboardWielder 1. Lead Us Not into Temptation FIXED [July 31] unequal+busted: can backward boost off teleport+FF in MS
KeyboardWielder 5. Suspended Animation unequal (minor): problems due to slide delay; outer walker randomness in MS
KeyboardWielder 9. Recurring Dream busted (potentially): with prime luck, can prevent block clone and go to exit at bottom-right
KrisL1 4. 4 Rooms unequal+busted: block slapping in Lynx
KrisL1 18. 30 Rooms unequal (minor): paramecium + random FF
MikeL2-fix 157. Jumble II unequal: fire room more difficult in Lynx due to splashes
New Clubhouse 16. ICEBOX unequal (minor): can backward boost off FFs in MS
New Clubhouse 19. AYCH TWO OH busted: no need for chip
New Clubhouse 26. BLOCKED incompatible?: unsolvable in Lynx?
New Clubhouse 30. I.C.U. busted: can just teleport north again
New Clubhouse 55. MELINDA'S FINAL unequal+busted: can push block onto toggle button using block slapping in Lynx
New Clubhouse 59. AIRPORT busted?: can use either blocks or gliders for bombs - intended?
NickB1 5. Disgruntled Paramecia unequal: paramecia + fire
pbguyL1 1. Better brush off those teeth unequal (minor): hint tile blocks teeth in Lynx
pbguyL1 3. Just enough shoes? unequal+busted: fake exits
petercclp3 2. CLOCKWORK FIXED [May 31] unequal+busted: solvable in 2 seconds in MS
petercclp3 4.
RE-FIXED [July 13] (These levels had been fixed before the start of voting, but the fixes were accidentally reverted in the May 31 update.)
petercclp3 15. TRIPLE ALARM unequal (minor): frogs+fire; frogs+blue keys
FIXED [May 31] unequal: paramecium room easier in Lynx
petercclp3 16. MASS PRODUCTION busted: no need to go through hint route; unequal: hint tile blocks blocks in Lynx
petercclp3 21. THE TEETH HERDER RE-FIXED [July 13]
QuicksForPieGuy 4. PUSHOVER unequal: start more difficult in Lynx due to block splash
QuicksForPieGuy 5. BEEFEYBOY unequal: paramecia+green keys; green key not required in MS; teeth+fire
TomP3Lynx 19. ITEM UNLOCKER FIXED [July 13] busted: bomb can be destroyed using fireball instead of pink ball
TomP3Lynx 46. SUPERSTAR FIXED [June 14] unsolvable: not enough blocks
TomP3Lynx 61. RUNAWAY TRAIN FIXED [April 24] unsolvable: trap not connected
TomP3Lynx 64. BANK ROBBER FIXED [April 24] busted (potentially): walker could be an accomplice
TomP3Lynx 66. RAINBOW DOOR KEY FIXED [July 13] unequal: sliding back off force floors,grabbing a chip in front of a tank, etc.; busted: some unnecessary stuff
TomP3Lynx 111. VOLCANIC ACTIVITY FIXED [April 26] unequal: clone blocks movable in Lynx
TomP3Lynx 115. CHIP ALONE 2: LOST IN CHIP CITY FIXED [July 13] busted: red key isn't required, fireball can bypass tank area
TomP3Lynx 119. SAVED BY THE TRAPPER FIXED [April 26] unequal: clone blocks movable in Lynx
TomP3Lynx 137. SOLVE THE PYRAMID FIXED [July 13] crashes MSCC: data size glitch
FIXED [June/July ??] pink ball on trap in wrong direction
TomR1-Lynx 18. Take the I Train FIXED [August 4] incompatible: unsolvable in Lynx - can't step back off FF
TomR1-Lynx 25. Symbiotic unequal+busted: can step backwards off FF in MS, fewer bombs need to be detonated
TomR1-Lynx 34. Countdown FIXED [August 4] busted: can bypass two rooms
FIXED [August 2] unsolvable
TomR1-Lynx 51. Nobody's Home incompatible: blue key destroyed by block in Lynx; unequal (minor): can collect chips next to walkers in Lynx
TomR1-Lynx 67. Expanding unequal (minor): block splashes
TomR1-Lynx 80. A Variation on Warehouse unequal: can't step out of ice corner using skates in Lynx
TylerSubmissions 1. Review unequal (minor): block slapping in Lynx
TylerSubmissions 4. All About Blocks FIXED [June 22] busted: more chips than required
TylerSubmissions 9. The Wild FIXED [June 22] busted: unconnected clone machine allows unintended exit
TylerSubmissions 19. Block Puzzle FIXED [June 24] busted: extra chips
TylerSubmissions 27. Obstacle Course FIXED [May 20] unequal: yellow key and glider; pink ball collisions
TylerSubmissions 32. Everybody Get Dangerous FIXED [July 24] busted: unintended fire boots in pink ball room
FIXED [July 20] unequal: tank room more difficult in Lynx
FIXED [July 13] unequal: Sokoban puzzle easier in MS due to panel glitch; blob can get trapped in MS
TylerSubmissions 33. Pushy FIXED [July 13] busted: skates aren't required; unequal (minor): Chip might get stuck on teleport in Lynx
TylerSubmissions 34. Switzerland FIXED [April 3] busted: no need to open red door in starting room, can use red key later
TylerSubmissions 35. Ordeal FIXED [June 16] unequal: tank section at the top requires very precise timing in Lynx
Ultimate Chip 1. Sokoblock incompatible: unsolvable in Lynx due to hint tile
Ultimate Chip 108. Disaster Zone! unequal: gliders + fire
wind 2. Without a Paddle unequal+busted: bug blocked by hint in Lynx, presses toggle button

Ineligible Levels

The following levels were considered to be ineligible, and have been eliminated from the voting, or will be eliminated soon.

Set # Title Problem
andrewb1 new 53. Sokoban Nightmare 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 adapted
CCTLFC1-lynx 106. FINE text-only
CCTLFC1-lynx 107. -BREAK- text-only
EvanD1 124. Sokoban 1 adapted
Infintiy Pack 16. JUST KIDDING!!!!! text-only
Infintiy Pack 19. JUST KIDDING AGAIN!!!!! text-only
Infintiy Pack 30. WOW.... text-only
JL1 21. CRATE PACKING adapted
JL1 29. SLIP AND SLIDE adapted
JonathanM1 17. On To The Unknown text-only
JonathanM1 29. Nothing Here. text-only
JonathanM1 48. Success!!! text-only
NikoT1 9, 12, 14, 15, 24, 26, 29, 55, 57. Tiny Warehouse I, II, III, IV, VI, VII, VIII, XIX, XX adapted
NikoT1 18. Box Toggle adapted
TomP2 1, 11, 21, 35, 61, 81, 101, 137, 145. Warp Zone text-only

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