Chip's Challenge 2 Level Pack 1 (CC2LP1)

CC2LP1 is a community level pack for Chip's Challenge 2 with 200 levels.

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CC2LP1 readme

This will be available on the Steam Workshop at a later date.

Pre-release information is still available below.

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Complete list of confirmed designers

Confirmed levels

Pack # Title Designer
Aerosol 34 A Little Help Zane Kuecks
Dominion 45 Complex Complex Ruben Spaans
Quarry 27 Confetti - B* Drillman
Flora 39 Connected Component Kacper LeszczyƄski
Pirate 38 Cut the Ice H2O
Genie 38 Excavation Alley Josh Lee
Trench 20 Flamechanger Tyler Sontag
Yield 49 Greedy Twin Eric Schmidt
Bunny 46 I Should Dig a Secret Escape Tunnel* chipster1059
Roundabout 16 Leaving It All Behind random 8 & Tyler Sontag
Chronicle 33 Mellow Yellow, Hello Jeffrey Bardon
Chronicle 42 Ode to a Tank Crossing the Road Miika Toukola & David Stolp
Bamboo 10 Present Push mobius
Roundabout 45 Prison Break* Vehudur
Quarry 32 Production Line Andrew Menzies
Lightning 24 Small Matters IndyIndeed
Ostrich 26 Stepping With Stones ncrecc
Trench 1 Thin Blue Line Joshua Bone
Interstellar 26 Time in a Bottle J.B. Lewis
Bamboo 46 When One Door Closes mobius & Mueller

* Will be renamed in the final set

Levels by voting pack

Pack Levels
Tumbling 12
Trench 11
Chronicle 10
Harpsichord 10
Ostrich 10
Interstellar 9
Nitrogen 9
Bamboo 8
Bunny 8
Dominion 8
Jazz 8
Pirate 8
Vinyl 8
Monsoon 7
Quarry 7
Symphony 7
Winter 7
Yield 7
Ember 6
Flora 6
Roundabout 6
Urchin 6
Aerosol 5
Genie 5
Lightning 5
Zen 4
Derby 2
Knight 1

Monster breakdown

This table lists how many levels contain the given monster at the start of the level, as they appear in the final pack.

Blue tank67
Yellow tank44
Red teeth28
Blue teeth13
Floor mimic4

Level slots to designers

The designers for all levels are shown here.

Personalized facts

Previously, your computer would have been randomly assigned a single fact. Now, all 16 facts are available to everyone. Note that all below facts were correct at the time they were written. Levels may have been modified since then.

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