Chip's Challenge - Lynx Mode

Table of Contents

  1. General Information
    1. About Lynx, MSCC and Tile World
    2. Compatibility and CCLP3 requirements
  2. Playing in Lynx mode
    1. Tile World
    2. Using .dac files
    3. Using mklynxcc
    4. Tile World rule-switch patch
  3. Unplayable Levels
    1. Invalid tile combinations
    2. Ignored tiles and features
    3. Finding what makes a level unplayable
    4. Avoiding creating unplayable levels
  4. Differences in Rules
    1. Major compatibility breakers
    2. Common situations and tricks
    3. Subtleties in gameplay
    4. Rare situations and advanced tricks
    5. Further reading
  5. Differences between versions of Chip

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