Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3 has been released!
Download it here!

Welcome to the home page of Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3 (CCLP3)!

Here you can find news about the set, who's involved, and a list of level sets whose levels were being considered for the set.

Voting began at pie guy's site on April 1, 2010 and ended on August 14, 2010. In addition to the voting, separate contests were held to determine level 1 as well as the Cypher level of the set.

CCLP3 was released on December 24, 2010 at midnight GMT. It is compatible with both the MS and Lynx rulesets. For more information about Lynx, go here.

For more information, see the Chip's Challenge newsgroup or contact one of the staff members below.

Thanks to Madhav Shanbhag for all his hard work on the majority of the content on these CCLP3 pages as well as the Lynx guide.


June 19, 2012

May 30, 2012

  • CCLP3 download package updated to correct some credits and links in the documentation. (No levels were modified with this release.)

February 18, 2011

December 24, 2010

  • CCLP3 released! Download it here!
  • (Released at midnight GMT, making the release date actually December 23 for North and South America.)

December 13, 2010

  • Release date announced: December 24, 2010 at midnight GMT.

August 14, 2010

  • Wildcard voting round ends.

August 1, 2010

  • Normal voting ends, and the two week long wildcard voting round begins.

July 1, 2010

  • Final elimination of levels occurs.

June 9, 2010

  • Second elimination of levels occurs.

May 17, 2010

May 7, 2010

  • First elimination of levels occurs.

May 4, 2010

  • Small update made to level 3 of the Cypher set which fixes an error message that would sometimes occur.

May 1, 2010

April 21, 2010

April 10, 2010

April 1, 2010

March 23, 2010

March 9, 2010

March 1, 2010

  • Deadline for new level submissions reached.

February 15, 2010

  • CCLP3 site started.

February 12, 2010

  • Deadline for level submission announced to be March 1, 2010.
  • Voting start date announced to be April 1, 2010.

September 2006

  • Level submissions begin.


Also, a special thanks to former CCLP2 staff member Hallgeir Flø for his assistance with CCLP3.


Level Sets in Consideration

Here is a list of all level sets that were in CCLP3 voting. There were about 2230 levels being considered in 85 sets.
Sets may have been updated more recently than indicated in this table and on the individual pages for each level set.

Level SetCreator# of LevelsLast Updated / AddedPrimary LocationMore Info
11levels.datRosabellis173/8/2010pie guy's siteView Details
AlexMS1.datAlex Morin Senecal372/18/2007Yahoo group archiveView Details
AliceV1.datAlice Voith76/21/2010Yahoo group archiveView Details
andrewb1 new.cclAndrew Bennett647/26/2010pie guy's siteView Details
AndrewC1.datAndrew Chen168/8/2009pie guy's siteView Details
AndrewG1.datAndrew Gapic22312/22/2007pie guy's siteView Details
AndrewR1.cclAndrew Raykowski203/16/2010Yahoo group archiveView Details
AndyT1.datAndy Thomas213/20/2007pie guy's siteView Details
BillR1.datBill Reid (Skully)6511/21/2007pie guy's siteView Details
BlakeE1.datBlake Ebert15411/14/2006pie guy's siteView Details
bobsfanchips.datRoyce Campbell42/19/2008Yahoo group archiveView Details
Bowman1.datcwb692000333/20/2009Yahoo group archiveView Details
BWisey_01.datBen Wiseman14/21/2008Ben Wiseman's website [archive]View Details
CCTLFC1-lynx.CCLCraig Vilbig, James Spriggs, Matthew Petras1503/29/2010Craig Vilbig's websiteView Details
CCTLFC2-lynx.CCLCraig Vilbig, James Spriggs913/31/2010Craig Vilbig's websiteView Details
CCTLFC3-lynx.CCLCraig Vilbig, James Spriggs, Renegade Plebeian897/3/2010Craig Vilbig's websiteView Details
CharlesH1.datCharles Hutjens1497/24/2005Yahoo group archiveView Details
CheeseT1.datCheese2K862/12/2006Yahoo group archiveView Details
chipsuser.datpie_yay_ch116/15/2009pie guy's siteView Details
Chironex.datChironex72/16/2009pie guy's siteView Details
CJ.cclCJ (midgetmarket2002)22/7/2006Yahoo group archiveView Details
DaleB1.datDale Bryan1710/29/2001Yahoo group archiveView Details
DanielB1.datDaniel Bouwmeester1008/12/2002Yahoo group archiveView Details
DanielB2.cclDaniel Bouwmeester662/8/2009pie guy's siteView Details
DanM1.datjsreed51494/24/2007Yahoo group archiveView Details
DaveB1.datDave Borgman6510/23/1999Yahoo group archiveView Details
DaveB2.datDave Borgman2311/14/1999Yahoo group archiveView Details
davidc1.datDavid Chen129/21/2008pie guy's siteView Details
DavidK3.datDavid Knight459/3/2006Yahoo group archiveView Details
DavidP2.datDavid Pinkston3510/20/2006Yahoo group archiveView Details
DavidS1.datDavid Stanley202/14/2008Yahoo group archiveView Details
DavidT1.datDavid Thomas365/29/2006pie guy's siteView Details
d-bomb.datDino Brewster1494/25/2008pie guy's siteView Details
eeWeeK.datMadhav Shanbhag3012/25/2006pie guy's siteView Details
EM-Alpha.datEdward Mason411/10/2006Yahoo group archiveView Details
EricS1-cclp3.datEric Schmidt535/25/2010Yahoo group archiveView Details
EvanD1.datEvan Dummit1441/14/2007pie guy's siteView Details
firefly-feb08.dathotarufirefly80472/4/2008pie guy's siteView Details
Flexico-cclp3-tryouts.cclflexico1312/27/2007Yahoo group archiveView Details
FlynnB1.datFlynn Burklin153/23/2005pie guy's siteView Details
francesalaam1.datfrancesalaam159/8/2006Yahoo group archiveView Details
geo-fix1.datDave Varberg113/21/2010pie guy's siteView Details
geomscc.datDave Varberg411/20/2010pie guy's siteView Details
Grant.datGrant Fikes136/13/2008pie guy's siteView Details
Graue1_LYNX.datCatatonic Porpoise685/24/2006Catatonic Porpoise's websiteView Details
Highwatermark1.dathighwatermark7210/8/2006Yahoo group archiveView Details
hillbilly1.cclJohn Griffin531/14/2010pie guy's siteView Details
HOUSE OF SEVEN.datRosabellis68/13/2009pie guy's siteView Details
Ida3.cclIda R485/18/2010Yahoo group archiveView Details
Infintiy Pack.cclJason Farnam3011/26/2006Yahoo group archiveView Details
jack.datPaul J711/22/2006Yahoo group archiveView Details
Jacques.datJacques9061/21/2008pie guy's siteView Details
JacquesS2.datJacques1281/9/2010pie guy's siteView Details
JeanneH1.cclJeanne Hoffman68/28/2006Yahoo group archiveView Details
JimmyV1.datJimmy Vermeer298/13/2006Yahoo group archiveView Details
JL1.datJohn Lewis1003/31/2010pie guy's siteView Details
JonathanM1.cclJonathan McRae544/14/2006Yahoo group archiveView Details
JoshB_LYNX.datJoshua Bone379/13/2008pie guy's siteView Details
JoshL.datpkmndiamond4932017/23/2009pie guy's siteView Details
KeyboardWielder.datMadhav Shanbhag166/7/2009pie guy's siteView Details
Keys.datFrode van der Meeren42/10/2007Yahoo group archiveView Details
KrisL1.datKris L2012/18/2006pie guy's siteView Details
LF_CCLP3_(fixed).cclAaron Farmer102/28/2010Yahoo group archiveView Details
MikeL2-fix.datMike L2007/25/2009Yahoo group archiveView Details
New Clubhouse.datRosabellis698/4/2009pie guy's siteView Details
NewRolfLevels.cclRolf Redford203/28/2010Yahoo group archiveView Details
NickB1.datNick Bush644/17/2007Yahoo group archiveView Details
NikoT1.datNikola Tesla906/14/2009pie guy's siteView Details
NMPP.datChipHome5, MATTEO1573/27/2010pie guy's siteView Details
pbguyL1.datIan Cairns (pb_guy)102/24/2009Yahoo group archiveView Details
petercclp3.datPeter Marks227/13/2010pie guy's siteView Details
pieguy.datDavid Stolp (pie guy)223/15/2010pie guy's siteView Details
purgatory.datsage_7200318/29/2006Yahoo group archiveView Details
QuicksForPieGuy.datRoger Quick53/26/2007pie guy's siteView Details
R O S A B E L L I S.datRosabellis73/19/2010pie guy's siteView Details
SyllyChips-Lynx.datPatrick B Knowles II468/11/2009pie guy's siteView Details
TomP1Fixed.datTom P1498/1/2007pie guy's siteView Details
TomP2.datTom P1498/1/2007pie guy's siteView Details
TomP3Lynx.datTom P1497/13/2010pie guy's siteView Details
TomR1-Lynx.datTom Rowe838/4/2010pie guy's siteView Details
TylerSubmissions.datTyler Sontag357/24/2010Yahoo group archiveView Details
TyreA1.datTyrethali Ansrath1087/8/2001Yahoo group archiveView Details
Ultimate Chip.datJeffrey Bardon15011/9/2007pie guy's siteView Details
WesP1.datWes P412/27/2010Yahoo group archiveView Details
wind.datsage_7200348/1/2006Yahoo group archiveView Details

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